New Zealand Pests

New Zealand is inundated with introduced pests. We will focus on the brushtailed possum, stoat, ferret and rat being those of primary concern and difficult to control. We have the highest number of cats per capita in the world. The number of intoduced plant species in the wild now exceeds the number of natives.

Mustelidae Stoats, ferrets and weasels. It's claimed that we have the world's largest population of Mustelidae which were introduced. These have and continue to decimate what remains of our bird and lizard populations. Now vast tracts of forests are void of dawn chorus and generally stand silent. One wonders how many lizards, birds and insects each eats in its life. Probably thousands if it eats each day. DOC advises that 15,000 North Island Brown Kiwi alone are killed each year by stoats being 60% of all hatched. Another 35% by other predators, including ferrets. So of those not eaten as an egg, 95% are eaten alive as babies.

New Zealand has 3 rat species and each was introduced. The Norway rat, ship rat (black rat) and the kiore (Pacific rat). These eat, birds, chicks, eggs, insects, berries and lizards.

The introduced brushtailed possum population is now estimated at 70 million, yes 70,000,000. More than enough to circle the planet nose to tail. They are estimated to eat 21,000 tonnes per evening. How many trees is that? The brushtailed possum is also a carrier of tuberculosis, which if not controlled, puts our primary export products at risk. The brushtailed possum has been filmed with night capture recording equipment eating baby birds and eggs including those of the endangered North Island kokako. The South Island kokako is now thought to be extinct, but some evidence suggests that there may still be a few left on the West Coast.

Scroll down for some videos of wild thar, possum and deer.

Follow the link 'human' to enjoy some excellent videos of the creative, destructive and humorous human.

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